New technic in Sea Quiroprática
March 10, 2018

Will A.I take my job?

Chiropractic will be difficult for an Artificial Intelligence because a lot of parameters has to be integrated.

Knowledge with the History-Taking and the Diagnostis probability will be replaced, but not the chiropractic feeling based on the senses : sight (vision), hearing (audition), smell (olfaction), and touch (somatosensation) are four of the five traditionally recognized senses.

Chiropractic gesture ability needs other sensory modalities such as :

  • Temperature (thermoception)
  • Kinesthetic sense (proprioception)
  • Pain (nociception)
  • Balance (equilibrioception)
  • and in a lesser extent : Vibration (mechanoreception).

But yes, future is coming, and even if according to this website, Chiropractic has 2,7% chance to be replaced by Artificial Intelligence.

Chiropractic will be difficult to be performed by robots. What about your job?

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